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Organ SamplePreviewMusic172KB2403001 year ago
Piano SamplePreviewMusic319KB3491,2361 year ago
Acoustic Guitar PluckPreviewMusic205KB1342921 year ago
Bell ChimePreviewMusic248KB2064781 year ago
Electric Guitar SamplePreviewMusic148KB1393001 year ago
Soft Synth SamplePreviewMusic104KB1302841 year ago
Sharp Synth SamplePreviewMusic112KB1252741 year ago
Harsh Synth SamplePreviewMusic168KB1152631 year ago
Numlocked Scream.wavPreviewTF2 Related74KB1811,0851 year ago
B4nny LaughPreviewTF2 Related94KB1233341 year ago
OHMYGOD.trukPreviewTF2 Related280KB1274091 year ago
bobby_basketball_1999PreviewTF2 Related268KB1164611 year ago
Dave AC (Full)PreviewTF2 Related614KB1123111 year ago
Dave AC (Shortened)PreviewTF2 Related386KB1082731 year ago
I have special eyesPreviewOther/Misc322KB1112921 year ago
MY BRANDPreviewOther Games234KB1552931 year ago
DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNPreviewTF2 Related692KB1423861 year ago
Bass samplePreviewMusic319KB5791,4761 year ago
STAR_:Banana'dPreviewTF2 Related142KB2,3525,9591 year ago
Jerma's CensorPreviewTF2 Related62KB3381,2001 year ago
Jerma: SHPEE!PreviewTF2 Related88KB1,1472,7991 year ago
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BarlessPianistTo add the effect of these samples playing higher or lower notes depending on how much damage you afflict, insert the following 2 codes into the console:

tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg 50
tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg 150
Posted by BarlessPianist 1 year ago.