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A fresh start...

Its been a long time coming frankly. But the site is about due for a rewrite and revamp. Sound previews have never been reliable, but now HTML5 audio tags are well specced and supported, we can utilise those to provide a smoother experience.

Additionally, the source code is a hacked together mess at the moment. A rewrite will allow us to feel comfortable enough open sourcing it and letting you, the users, hack on it, submit pull requests, leave it alone or whatever you want.

Submit any suggestions you have via Twitter or Reddit!

- Ben
... and we're back!
Apologies for the short downtime. But we should be back up and running as normal now!

- Ben xoxoxo<3
Let's call it a Beta.

Way back on my father's ranch as a young boy, I remember hunting deer with my friend Jimmy. Now Jimmy always used to call out any hits I made with my remote controlled air rifle. As time passed, we both grew up and went our separate ways, but I still missed Jimmy's hit calls... So, what did I do? I did what I always do, I built something to do it for me.

The actual design is quite simple, involving levers, pulleys and cogs, however I won't bore you with the details. Once I had this built, it got me thinking... My team sure would benefit from this, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want Jimmy calling out their hits for them so I just set up a silly bell sound.

Initially they thought it was great, but soon grew tired of the bell and with requests coming at me from everywhere and tape reels piling up in the spawn, I decided to modernise my designs and send them to the cloud. So I present to you now, the only Team Fortress hit sound database.

The site is still operated by mechanical means, so if you encounter anything strange around here let me know and I'll grease up the gears behind all of this.

- The Engineer